Reflecting back to the year 1990, Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association (I.H.C.A) was founded by the Founding
Father of Concierge Society of Indonesia Mr. Hasnal Bakri, who also served as President of Indonesia Hotel
Concierge Association. He was also then the country’s only registered and active member of Les Clefs d’Or
International, translated to the Society of Golden Keys International; the international network of hotel concierges.
Since 1993, Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association was officially affiliated to Les Clefs d’Or Singapore. Having
15 active members who are registered officially in Les Clefs d’Or International as one of the prerequisites of being
an independent country chapter was then yet being fulfilled by Indonesia, hence the affiliation with Les Clefs
d’Or Singapore.
Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association has always been continuously active in attending the annual Les Clefs
d’Or International Congresses. Starting from 1993, Mr. Hasnal Bakri attended International Congress in
Singapore, 1994 in Sydney, Australia, 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel and 1996 in Rome, Italy. Following the political
turmoil that took place in Indonesia in 1998, the society was derailed in a few years’ hiatus and after its newly
formed in 2002.