History Les Clefs d’Or Indonesia

  • Part 1

    Reflecting back to the year 1990, Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association (I.H.C.A) was founded by the Founding
    Father of Concierge Society of Indonesia Mr. Hasnal Bakri, who also served as President of Indonesia Hotel
    Concierge Association. He was also then the country’s only registered and active member of Les Clefs d’Or
    International, translated to the Society of Golden Keys International; the international network of hotel concierges.
    Since 1993, Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association was officially affiliated to Les Clefs d’Or Singapore. Having
    15 active members who are registered officially in Les Clefs d’Or International as one of the prerequisites of being
    an independent country chapter was then yet being fulfilled by Indonesia, hence the affiliation with Les Clefs
    d’Or Singapore.
    Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association has always been continuously active in attending the annual Les Clefs
    d’Or International Congresses. Starting from 1993, Mr. Hasnal Bakri attended International Congress in
    Singapore, 1994 in Sydney, Australia, 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel and 1996 in Rome, Italy. Following the political
    turmoil that took place in Indonesia in 1998, the society was derailed in a few years’ hiatus and after its newly
    formed in 2002.

  • Part 2

      Since 2002, Indonesia Hotel Concierge Association changed its name to The Concierge Society of Indonesia
      The Concierge Society of Indonesia attempted to rebuild the remnant legacy of the organization from scratch
      despite the country’s dormant tourism development. With a revamped spirit and passionate members, the society
      made its appearance back to attend the annual International Congress. These has brought The Concierge Society
      of Indonesia to Vienna Austria in 2007, Queenstown New Zealand in 2013, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2014,
      Mendoza Argentina in 2015, Dubai UAE in 2016, and Berlin Germany in 2017.
      The Concierge Society of Indonesia has been working strenuously to achieve its ultimate goal to be accepted and
      recognized as independent chapter of UICH Les Clefs d’Or. All relevant documents have been submitted during
      the 64th UICH Les Clefs d’Or International Congress in Berlin in 2017 and it was verified by the Board of
      Directors. A site inspection, as part of the independent chapter assessment was held in Jakarta on 26-29 November
      2017. The Board of Director of Les Clefs d’Or International, represented by Randy Santos (3rd Vice President
      Les Clefs d’Or International) and James Ridenour (General Secretary of Les Clefs d’Or International) stayed at
      Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta visited several other 5-star-hotels in Jakarta (Fairmont Jakarta, Hotel Mulia Senayan,
      Pullman Thamrin, and Grand Hyatt Jakarta) to get in-depth understanding and assess the country’s eligibility to
      be independent. Their feedback was positive and heart-warming with a notable impression of strong camaraderie
      the society displayed with members, sponsors, and Hotel General Managers; a once again reflection of the
      “Service Through Friendship” fundamental ethos.

    • part 3

      In April 2018, 65th UICH Les Clefs d’Or International Congress was held in Seoul on 5-10 April 2018 where up
      to 600 hotel concierges from all over the world gather to share knowledge and discuss global mission of hotel
      concierges to be the city ambassador and gateway for authentic local experience. One of the agendas enlisted will
      be the announcement for countries who have submitted application to be independent chapter of Les Clefs d’Or
      International, including Indonesia.
      The Concierge Society of Indonesia (TCSOI), in this momentous occasion of being declared as the independent
      chapter of UICH Les Clefs d’Or International. This year the society proudly announces seven delegates who will
      attend the 65th UICH Les Clefs d’Or International Congress in Seoul South Korea:
       Mr. Hasan Ashari, President of TCSOI from JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong, a D Varee Collection Hotel,
       Mr. Hendri Hendriyanto, Advisor of TCSOI from Keraton at The Plaza Hotel a Luxury Collection, Jakarta
       Mr. Teddy Risnandi, Executive Committee of TCSOI from Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta
       Mr. Dhimas Reza, Honorary Treasurer of TCSOI from Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
       Mr. Humphrey Andreas, 2nd Vice President of TCSOI from The Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua Bali
       Mr. Agus Anuarta, 2nd Honorary Treasurer of TCSOI from The St. Regis Bali Resort
       Mr. Dwi Suparta, full member of TCSOI from The Laguna a Luxury Collection, Nusa Dua Bali
      2018 was the year that became the culmination of the long awaited declaration as independent country section.
      This huge milestone, announced during International Congress in Seoul, South Korea, was witnessed by
      approximately 600 participants, giving standing ovationsinside the Intercontinental Hotel Seoul COEX Ballrooms
      in honour of Indonesian Chapter achievements that has passed all the necessary inspections by Board of Director
      of UICH.

    • Part 4

      Today, Les Clefs d’Or Indonesia or the Society of the Golden Keys Indonesia, currently have 23 Full Members
      active and registered as Les Clefs d’Or Concierge and more than 75 local members coming from Jakarta, Bandung,
      Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali. Dedicated to support Indonesia’s Tourism, the members hold gatherings almost
      weekly in each respective area and chair a regional meeting every four months. Inspired by its bedrock motto
      “Service Through Friendship”, Annual General Meeting is regularly being held where members come together,
      including those from neighbouring countries Malaysia and Singapore to share knowledge through various
      seminars and educational workshop, get acquainted, and eventually build friendships; the “friendly” notion that
      all hotel concierges live by.
      The first Annual General Meeting of Les Clefs d’Or Indonesia was held in Grand Mercure Harmoni Jakarta on
      20th – 21st October 2018. We invited Mr. Randy Santos (3rd Vice President Les Clefs d’Or UICH) and Mr.
      Alexander Nayoan (Advisor of Jakarta Hotel Association) as our keynote speakers.
      The second Annual General Meeting of Les Clefs d’Or Indonesia was held in Harris Hotel & Residences Sunset
      Road Bali 5th to 6th November 2019. We invited Mr. Ricky Putra (Chairman of Bali Hotel Association and Corporate General Manager of Royal Santrian Resort and Villas Bali) and Mr. Iwan Setiawan and Mr. Ikin
      Solikhin (Trainer from Ajar.ID online portal for hospitality learning based on ASEAN Standard competency).
      During the Corona virus pandemic, we did not hold the Annual General Meeting. However, in 2021, where the
      pandemic is starting to get much controlled, we organized the third Annual General Meeting in Vasa Hotel
      Surabaya, even though only several members can join the meeting. We did an election for the Executive
      Committee period 2021 to 2023. Mr. Yoga Rahiyang (The Langham Jakarta) has been selected as a next President
      of Les Clefs d’Or Indonesia, Mr. Humphrey Andreas Zuther (The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas Bali) as Vice
      President for Bali Region, and Mr. Gerald Widjojo (Vasa Hotel Surabaya) as Vice President for Java region.
      After we officially become an independent country chapter, we work hard to get recognition from Indonesia
      Government. On this journey we faced many obstacles including the Covid 19 pandemic. Finally, on 31st August
      2022 we are officially registered in Ministry of Law and Human Rights with the name Asosiasi Konsierse Hotel
      Indonesia or ASKONHI with registration number 6022083132101635. We also have made Mandiri Bank Account
      registered under name Asosiasi Konsierse Hotel Indonesia.
      Viva Les Clefs d’Or and Viva Les Clefs d’Or Indonesia.
      “Service Through Friendship”